Communications and DEI Internship 

Primary Growth Areas

  • Media research and analysis
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Curriculum development
  • Marketing (advertising, B2B, digital)
  • Media relations and communications strategy
  • Communications consultancy
  • Product development

Scope of Work

  • Work with team to develop and execute media strategy, B2C and B2B advertising, marketing and promotion of The Diaspora Project and Urbanity, LLC, a NYC-based communications, culture and change management firm
  • Grow and track Urbanity, LLC client relationships, email and subscriber lists
  • Work with editorial team to launch digital publication and cultural engagement event using media and other external communications
  • Conduct media and community outreach
  • Assist with coordinate communications and meetings among Diaspora Project and Urbanity, LLC clients and stakeholders
  • Monitor performance with team, conduct analytics and other evaluation
  • identify content and curatorial opportunities, partnerships and hacks along with team
  • Assist in communications and change management consulting firm operations
  • Conduct data entry and other administrative tasks
  • Work with editorial and curatorial team to create and promote original content for and
  • Conduct independent research on communications, consulting, small business, DEI and other best practices, as well as event venues, logistics, etc. as directed
  • Update Trello and other databases for contracts, contacts and engagements
  • Lead R&D of new communications-related diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practice:
    • Identify and research landscape, stakeholders, best practices and more
    • Research, monitor and analyze media and other communications across sectors and demographics
    • Researching and writing reports, memos, external communications and content related to DEI communications
    • Assist in curriculum, product, service and content development and brand strategies

Qualifications/Additional Requirements

  • Entrepreneurial spirit and interest in working independently as a consultant or a startup
  • Interest and some knowledge of New York City media market, widely used social media platforms and other sources of news and culture
  • On the pulse of NYC APIA communities, Black, Latinx and other POC youth, cultures and subcultures
  • Strong reading, writing and analytical skills and/or strong conversational and interpersonal skills
  • Well-organized and able to keep track of moving parts, work efficiently to capture, organize and share data and information
  • Strong communicator who isn’t afraid to ask questions and do her/his/their due diligence

Read more about the internship program here.

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