Editorial and Web Internship

Editorial and Web Internship Primary Growth Areas Writing and editing, framing and messaging Content strategy and writing Website creation, development and maintenance Digital publishing, social strategy and design Journalism and media relations, marketing and advertising Project management and creative direction Scope of Work Be a part of the design, development and launch of a new […]

Communications and DEI Internship 

Communications and DEI Internship  Primary Growth Areas Media research and analysis Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Curriculum development Marketing (advertising, B2B, digital) Media relations and communications strategy Communications consultancy Product development Scope of Work Work with team to develop and execute media strategy, B2C and B2B advertising, marketing and promotion of The Diaspora Project and […]

Internship Requirements

Internship Posting: Communications and DEI Internship Posting: Curatorial Internship Posting: Editorial and Web General Requirements Read internship description and more here. Strong candidates will have firsthand knowledge and/or experience with New York City’s many unique, diverse and diasporic Asian American/Pacific Islander neighborhoods and communities, i.e., including groups we often marginalize under the umbrella APIA, such as […]

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We believe in authentic growth. Urbanity, LLC is a New York City-based consulting firm that centers clients’ authentic, strategic growth. We do this through three core strategies: communications, arts and culture, and business and organizational development. Urbanity has over a decade of experience helping visionary nonprofit, grassroots, governmental and private sector clients, thought leaders, influencers, […]