INTUITION.DEV Announces Open Source Low-Code Tool for Professional Developers

Monday, August 19, 2019, Long Island City, New York – Today on Hacker News ( an open source developer announced the release of a first working version of INTUITION.DEV. The Hacker News discussion can be found under “INTUITION.DEV” in comments. INTUITION.DEV is a completely free and open source low-code tool specifically designed for professional developers, not citizen developers. Read a Medium article by one of INTUITION.DEV’s founders launching the tool: How software developers can survive the coming tech crash.

Bubble (a commercial low-code tool for citizen-developers) estimated savings of ten to 50 times on traditional development costs through low-code, and many pro developers increasingly focus on editor-facilitating maintenance. INTUITION.DEV is a low-code tool for pro developers, written in standard *Pug* and states that it will “increase pro developers’ productivity 10-fold through automation, cross-platform, a static-generator, and built-in app maintenance for end users.” Vic Cekvenich, one of the developers of INTUITION.DEV, said:

“This first iteration of INTUITION.DEV is being released, completely open source from the start and written in standard *Pug*, to increase pro developers’ productivity 10-fold through automation, cross-platform, static-generator, and built-in app maintenance for end users. In the face of a citizen developer revolution, INTUITION.DEV is the open source low-code tool professional developers want.

“INTUITION.DEV is for pro developers to imagine, play and create without the internal and external constraints of traditional programming; or fees or subscriptions. Creating forms or web apps can be done by a much larger public today and the industry is already making massive shifts to low code. In a future with increasing automation, citizen-developers are growing in number and pro developers must rise to the challenge with visionary innovation. Low-code is the key to that innovation, and I invite the pro developer community to keep the fire going with through future iterations of INTUITION.DEV.”

INTUITION.DEV has 18 key features that distinguish it from existing low-code platforms, including that it is the first low-code pro developer tool written in pug; has built-in SEO, WebAdmin screen for any CRUD app, CMS, e-Com, Mobile, etc., and user authentication; FTS and SQL; keyboard-driven; is cross-platform/mobile from a single code base; and more. The full 18 features can be found at www.INTUITION.DEV

Vic Cekvenich was an early champion of the Java MVC Frameworks called Struts; it went on to become a widely used framework with 1.5 million developers using Struts MVC a decade later. Vic began developing INTUITION.DEV in August 2017 when it occurred to him that automation is putting high productivity in the hands of citizen-developers in direct competition with pro developers. Search “INTUITION.DEV” at Hacker News and visit INTUITION.DEV for more.